Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography was what Hawk Eye Design & Droneography was originally founded on. The need for Aerial Photography is rapidly growing, with the growing interest in getting a “Birds Eye” view of the property. Along with photos and videos captured at 60 fps and 4k quality, Aerial Photography and Videography grants an individual or business great marketing power.

Our years of Aerial Photography experience as well as immense regular FAA Part 107 training grants us the ability to provide high-quality and professional standard Aerial Photography services. We are fast, reliable, and flexible, guaranteeing to beat out the competition to provide high quality at a great low price. Below are the main services we provide for Aerial Photography:

Nature | Scenic
Aerial Photography

Our specialty lies in capturing beautiful natural scenery for any use. We are proud to have partnered with various Cities & Municipalities to help capture the beauties that lie within their boundaries.

Real Estate
Aerial Photography

Whether you’re a realtor selling a home, or a bank selling a foreclosed house. We will provide Aerial Photography that showcases the entirety of the property from every angle possible.

  • Aerial Photography of Chimney

Construction Progress
Aerial Photography

We are pleased to provide single or reoccurring construction progress photos. Both on-ground and Aerial Photography services are available to help ensure you don’t miss a moment of your project.

Completed Flights